In the eastern area, some meetings may reopen, provided they comply with special hygiene measures. Some zoom meetings will be closed from now on. The table will be updated regularly. Zoom meetings will still have the zoom link in the address column, for face-to-face meetings you will find the meeting address there.

Print version of the meeting list including corona conditions (August 2020)

Time City Address Name Open*
Monday, 18:00 Leipzig 148-416-980 1. week monthly
Monday, 18:00 Chemnitz 296-834-828 1. week quarterly
Tuesday, 18:30 Dresden Nürnberger Straße 45, Volkssolidarität Niemals Allein
Tuesday, 18:30 Erfurt 861-910-174 2. week monthly
Wednesday, 16:45 Leipzig 795-990-422 Women’s meeting
Wednesday, 19:00 Leipzig FeG im Ring-Cafe, Roßplatz 8-9 (über Seiteneingang) Unser Fundament 1. week monthly
Wednesday, 19:00 Cottbus Sachsendorfer Straße 22, Tannenhof Auf der Suche nach Genesung 1. week monthly
Thursday, 19:00 Leipzig 305-709-956 Men’s meeting
Thursday, 17:30 Chemnitz Am Rathaus 8, Room 434 1. week quarterly
Thursday, 19:00 Erfurt 759-638-745 3. week monthly
Friday, 19:00 Dresden Alfred-Althus-Straße 2, Volkssolidarität Clean leben 1. week Aug, Oct, Dec
Saturday, 18:15 Leipzig 435-442-326
Sunday, 15:30 Leipzig Lindenauer Markt 13, Nachbarschaftszentrum Kerzenscheinmeeting 1. week monthly
Sunday, 18:00 Dresden Schwepnitzer Straße 10 Aramesh – persisch/deutsch

*: Open meetings welcome people who do not have an addiction problem themselves, but who want to learn about NA. These people can be family members or professionals. Other open online meetings can be found here.

Zoom instructions: Step by step
Download the software: Zoom
Dial-in via phone: Dial +49 69 7104 9922 and then enter the number of the meeting + #.