Attention: Due to the corona virus, no conventional meetings can be held in the eastern area at the moment! NA-East is thus following a directive from the federal government.

Meanwhile, some meetings in the area are held online with the program Zoom, so you can attend a meeting every day from home! Here are the online meetings currently taking place:

Time City Name Link Open*
Monday, 18:00 Leipzig 148-416-980 1st Monday of month
Monday, 18:00 Chemnitz 296-834-828 1st Monday each quarter
Tuesday, 18:30 Dresden Niemals Allein 602-040-966
Tuesday, 18:30 Erfurt 861-910-174 2nd Tuesday of month
Wednesday, 16:45 Leipzig Women’s meeting 795-990-422
Wednesday, 19:00 Leipzig Unser Fundament 660-704-554 1st Wednesday of month
Thursday, 19:00 Leipzig Men’s meeting 305-709-956
Thursday, 19:00 Erfurt 759-638-745 3rd Thursday of month
Friday, 19:00 Dresden Clean leben 882-3291-1225 1st Friday in Jun, Aug, Oct
Saturday, 18:15 Leipzig 435-442-326
Sunday, 15:30 Leipzig Kerzenscheinmeeting 825-771-601 1st Sunday of month

*: Open meetings are open to people who do not have an addiction problem themselves, but who want to learn about NA. This can be either family members or professionals. More open NA meetings can be found here.

Zoom instructions: Step by Step
Download the software: Zoom
Dial-in via telephone: Dial +49 69 7104 9922 and then enter the meeting ID + #.

You can participate in every meeting, even if you don’t live in the respective city! You can find more online meetings throughout Germany at