Attention: Due to the corona virus, no conventional meetings can be held in the eastern area at the moment! NA-East is thus following a directive from the federal government.

Meanwhile, some meetings in the area are held online with the program Zoom, so you can attend a meeting every day from home! Here are the online meetings currently taking place:

Day Time City Name Link ID
Monday 18:00 Leipzig Join Meeting 148-416-980
Monday 18:00 Chemnitz Join Meeting 296-834-828
Tuesday 18:30 Dresden Niemals Allein Join Meeting 602-040-966
Tuesday 18:30 Erfurt Join Meeting 861-910-174
Wednesday 16:45 Leipzig Women’s meeting Join Meeting 795-990-422
Wednesday 19:00 Leipzig Unser Fundament Join Meeting 660-704-554
Thursday 19:00 Leipzig Men’s meeting Join Meeting 305-709-956
Thursday 19:00 Erfurt Join Meeting 759-638-745
Friday 19:00 Dresden Clean leben Join Meeting 730-214-499
Saturday 18:15 Leipzig Join Meeting 435-442-326
Sunday 15:30 Leipzig Kerzenscheinmeeting Join Meeting 825-771-601

Zoom instructions: Step by Step
Download the software: Zoom
Dial-in via telephone: Dial +49 69 7104 9922 and then enter the meeting ID + #.

You can participate in every meeting, even if you don’t live in the respective city! You can find more online meetings throughout Germany at